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2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006: Named one of the 101 best Web sites for writers by Writers Digest Magazine.

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The home for Christian writers!Welcome to Write From Home. Whether you're a freelance writer, author or writing from home but employed elsewhere, this site strives to offer work-at-home writers information, tips and resources to help you balance your writing career and children under one roof. You'll also find lots of writing and marketing resources to help you achieve the success you desire.


Don't Sabotage Your Submission

Don't Sabotage Your Submission: Save Your Manuscript From Turning Up DOA
by Chris Roerden

  • Discover why 90% of fiction manuscripts are rejected quickly, long before your characters and plot are read.

  • Learn to spot the clues to average writingand how to find and fix them in your won work.

  • See how an editor analyzes the techniques of 215 writers who got right what most writers get wrong.

  • Benefit from an insider's tips for painless revision by computer.

  • Find out the secrets of craft that boost your odds of changing an "an" for average to the "A" of accepted.

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Did You Know...

There's great demand for an elite corps of highly skilled, professional travel writers...a pool of travel writing specialists that can be relied on to write vivid, lively and interesting articles. If you ever dreamed about the romantic life of a travel writer, here's a very unusual opportunity to actually live it!

Good Writing: Switch from Passive Voice to Active Voice for More Power in Your Writing
by Jose M. Blanco

Inexperienced writers often use passive voice instead of active voice in their writing, creating weak prose that is difficult to understand. Recognizing the passive voice in your own writing and knowing how to rewrite sentences in the active voice will make your writing style more vigorous and easy to read. [Read more]

Writing For the Web: Be Creative with Useful and Unique Content
by Angela Booth

If you're writing for the Web, you've got lots of competition. It's a challenge to stand out. However, if you ensure that your content is both useful and unique, you will stand out, and the content you write will get traffic. [Read more]

Your Writing Life: How to Keep Creative Ideas Flowing and Fresh
by Harriet Hodgson

Sometimes I lose steam in the middle of a book. But after I have finished the fifth chapter I have a burst of energy because I know the end is in sight. Don't get me wrong. I love writing and have been at it for more than 30 years. Over the years I have learned how to keep my writing fresh and setting new goals is one way. [Read more]


Tax Know-How
You don't have to lose more than necessary to the IRS, as so many freelancers mistakenly do year after year. Learn from an expert how to lower your taxes for this year to the legal minimum and even gain a head start for next year. Attend "Tax Tips For Freelance Writers, Photographers and Artists," a one-session adult education course offered by Julian Block at schools throughout New York City and Westchester County. Mr. Block is a tax attorney, syndicated columnist, and a member, and former officer, of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, a national organization of freelance writers. His articles appear on the Write From Home Web site. He has been cited by the New York Times as "a leading tax professional" and by the Wall Street Journal as an "accomplished writer on taxes." For information on course locations and dates, contact him at julianblock@yahoo.com.

Read articles about freelancers and taxes --->>>>>

Need tax forms? Go to http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html


  Writing With Children

Do you feel like you have no time to write? Are you frustrated by interruptions, not being taken seriously, and everyone needing your attention? 

    If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you'll want to read these articles, practical tips and suggestions. Here you'll find inspiration, motivation and resources to help you put some balance into your life. 

If you are the parent or loved one of a premature infant please visit Kim's other site, Preemie Parenting. Find out more about the book she co-authored Living Miracles: Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies.

September 11, 2001
Never Forget

Thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and family members of the September 11 terrorist attacks. I personally want to thank all the Firefighters, Police Officers, EMS and Rescue Workers. Your bravery and commitment to duty is second to none. Let us never forget the sacrifices made and always remember FREEDOM isn't FREE. May God bless all of you and...God Bless America!


"To love what you do and feel that it matters--how could anything be more fun?"
---Katharine Graham









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