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Featured Book of the Month


Dojo Wisdom for Writers

Dojo Wisdom for Writers: 100 Simple Ways to Become a More Inspired, Successful, and Fearless Writer
by Jennifer Lawler

Penguin Compass
204 pp

Drawing from her knowledge, training and experience as a martial artist, black belt Jennifer Lawler shows writers how to incorporate the principles of martial arts into their writing. Interspersed throughout the book are personal experiences, tips and advice from other professional working writers including Bev Bachel, Linda Formichelli, Mary Shafer, among many others. To help writers apply the lessons, each brief chapter concludes with an exercise. Written in a personable, easy-to-understand fashion,
Dojo Wisdom for Writers is a quick read, making it ideal for readers with limited free time.


Silence is also effective in negotiation. I once talked to an editor about writing a magazine article. She asked me point blank, "Does $1,500 sound right?" I was in the middle of chewing a cinnamon roll, so I couldn't answer "YES!!!!" immediately. The pause couldn't have lasted more than a second, when she rushed in and said, "Okay, how about $2,000?" Not bad for one second's work. "Umm, sure," I said, after nearly choking on the cinnamon roll. "That would be fine." Now I work a little silence into all my negotiations.

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Table of Contents:


  1. Find a teacher
  2. Trust your teacher
  3. Respect the centerline
  4. From your Chi flows your creativity
  5. Meditate
  6. Be open to what happens next
  7. Respect your opponent
  8. Keep the beginner's mind
  9. No knowledge is useless
 10. Perseverance brings rewards
 11. Flexibility is strength
 12. A warrior masters many techniques
 13. Discipline leads to strength
 14. Know your target
 15. Teach others and you will learn
 16. Physical strength creates mental and emotional strength
 17. The relaxed fist is stronger than the tense one
 18. Understand what is expected of you
 19. Courtesy reveals your strength
 20. Integrity in all actions creates confidence
 21. The warrior does not reflect on past deeds while in battle
 22. Know the vital points
 23. A strike is stronger than a push
 24. Mastery requires patience
 25. Cultivate perfect awareness
 26. Do not fear the blow
 27. Your beliefs guide your strategy
 28. Self-consciousness prevents action
 29. Aiki, the impassive mind, brings strength
 30. Persist even when you are fatigued
 31. One who is humble can never be overcome
 32. Push beyond your limits
 33. Master the present
 34. Understand the nature of yin-yang
 35. Take small risks to build courage for large risks
 36. You cannot fail if you keep trying
 37. Act on your intention
 38. Focus on the Way
 39. Chi overcomes obstacles
 40. Face the tiger
 41. Overcome fear by encountering it
 42. The Way is not always straight
 43. Catch sight of your reflection
 44. Seek to be connected with the universe
 45. Know when to yield and when to stand your ground
 46. A warrior must be single-minded
 47. Keep your power quiet
 48. Disharmony destroys focus
 49. Let your intuition speak
 50. Don't give away your moves
 51. The Way shows itself differently for everyone
 52. Protect the beginner
 53. Do what is right
 54. Choose the path; never look back
 55. Someone else's win is not always your loss
 56. Accept criticism to grow
 57. You can do more than you believe possible
 58. Hone unexpected skills
 59. Focus on the openings
 60. Draw out the guard
 61. Do not be surprised when the scorpion stings
 62. Practice daily, regardless of circumstances
 63. Commit to training
 64. Strive for mastery
 65. No one gets the jump spinning wheel kick on the first try
 66. Find your passion
 67. Heart is more important than talent
 68. Observe without judging
 69. Know yourself
 70. Accept hard challenges
 71. Obstacles are important
 72. Give your strongest effort with every try
 73. Never let fear create inaction
 74. Nurture yourself
 75. See the target beyond the target
 76. Trust yourself
 77. Act instead of hoping
 78. Limit unhealthy choices
 79. You need a training partner
 80. Learn from watching
 81. Understand what you observe
 82. Sometimes, remain silent
 83. Find your rhythm
 84. Practice broken rhythm
 85. Explore other styles
 86. Take what you can use, discard the rest
 87. Finish the fight
 88. Smile when you spar
 89. Use the right equipment
 90. Imagination is a weapon
 91. When you enter the dojo, abandon your worries
 92. Your power improves every day
 93. Your voice is powerful
 94. Accept differences
 95. Never reveal your strategy
 96. Don't allow your opponent to control the match
 97. Practice your kicks 10,000 times
 98. The Master respects his profession
 99. Adventure feeds the spirit
100. Create


Dojo Wisdom for Writers

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