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Featured Book of the Month

Write Faster, Write Better

Write Faster, Write Better
by David A. Fryxell

Writer's Digest Books
250 pp


Writing faster plus writing better equals increased productivity and more money. This fundamental equation is the foundation of David Fryxell's book Write Faster, Write Better.

Throughout the book, Fryxell teaches readers how to maximize their focus, self-discipline and organizational skills. He shares techniques for structuring articles and stories, overcoming writer's block and effective interviewing strategies. Each chapter concludes with practical exercises. To increase the odds of gaining an acceptance, Fryxell teaches readers how to "think like an editor."

As the author of more than 1,000 published pieces and the former editor-in-chief of Writer's Digest magazine and Writer's Digest Books, Fryxell's expert advice and wisdom stems from years of experience. He's actively doing what many writers aspire to do: write for a living!

If you want to increase your writing productivity and income Write Faster, Write Better shows you how.

Too many writers simply can't write a solid first draft straight through. It's agony to them, a psychological and sometimes physical war they keep losing. Their first drafts are a chaotic mess of starts and stops, backtracking and second-guessing. Not until many time-wasting drafts later, with 90 percent of the hard-won first draft tossed out, do these writers begin to create a manuscript they can show anyone.

Such writers think they are being quite noble, of course—wrestling with the muse, looking writer's block straight in the eye hour after hour. They think this kind of inefficient stewing is the essence, the bitter heart and soul of the writer's art. They may never finish anything, but by golly, they sure do suffer like writers! They've got the bleary eyes, caffeine stains, and pencil nubs to prove it.

If that sounds all too familiar, by now I trust you've begun to realize it doesn't have to be that way. You can be organized, efficient and systematic, and still be a good writer—in fact, you'll be a better writer.

Buy Write Faster, Write Better

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Terry Brooks

Chapter 1: Planning to Write Faster and Better
The hard road to easy...Developing (ugh) discipline...Why bother to get organized?...Breaking the speed limit...Knocking out a novel...From faster to better...Exercises 
Chapter 2: Organizing Your Writing Life
The 10-minute novelist...Moonlighting in a new light...Writer, interrupted...Living with deadlines... Beyond the messy desk...Exercises  
Chapter 3: The Secret of Structure
Focusing your idea...Thinking like Hollywood...Headline grabbers...From focus to form...Building walls, finding fenceposts...Exercises
Chapter 4: Finding Ideas
Cutting ideas down to size...I know nothing!...Finding your audience...Shaking the idea tree...No place like home...Trying ideas on for size...Exercises
Chapter 5: Thinking Like an Editor
What do editors want?...Getting to yes...Reading between the lines of the contents page... Cheating by clicking...Looking forward...Who's who on the masthead...Exercises
Chapter 6: Strategies for Research and Interviewing
Getting the right stuff...The 80/20 rule...From focus to strategy...Cooking up a plan...Finding instant experts...Your most important tools...Exercises
Chapter 7: Speedy Research, the Old-Fashioned Way
Setting your brain to "scan"... Hitting the books at the library...Mastering the catalog...Exercises

Chapter 8: Working the Web
Matching your mission...Solving a problem like "Maria"...Finding your "magnet"...Expert opinions...Computer smarts...Exercises
Chapter 9: Maximizing Your Interviews
Phone, e-mail, or in-person?...To tape or not to tape?...The interview as first date...Cracking the toughest cookies...Keeping 'em talking...Knowing when to quit...Exercises
Chapter 10: Goodbye, Writer's Block!
Working hard or hardly working?...Pulling together the pieces...The "O" word...Making it work for you...Making connections...Getting from here to there...Making it up as you go along: outlining your novel...Eight tips for outlining success...Exercises
Chapter 11: Starting Your Story
Aliens and tailfins...Starting in the middle...Focusing your opening...Building from a collision...Setting the pace...Setting the scene...Speaking metaphorically...Clearing your throat...Exercises
Chapter 12: Writing a First Draft That's Almost Your Final Draft
Getting into the flow...A good enough draft...Putting perfectionism in its place...Writing one paragraph at a time...Writing today and tomorrow...If the story fits...Exercises
Chapter 13: Writing Fiction Faster and Better
Finding a process that works for you...Focusing your fiction...Creating quick characters...Hatching your plot...Storytelling by scenes...Making your fiction flow...Exercises
Chapter 14: How to Finish What You Start
Coming full circle...Problem solved, question answered...Living happily ever after...Getting to the finish line...Closing in on closure...Turbocharging your completion drive...Exercises
Chapter 15: From First Draft to Final Draft
Bare-minimum revision...Revision
—the big picture...Little things that mean a lot...Sharpening your basic tools...The grammar black hole...Now what?...Exercises

Appendix: Essential Web Sites for Every Writer


Write Faster, Write Better  

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