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Writing Trade Articles

Many of these articles pertain to copywriting (not to be confused with copyrighting). They contain good advice and information that can be used by writers of various genres and specialties.

3 Factors to Estimate a Fee
by Brian Konradt

5 Guarantees that May or May Not Guarantee You More Freelance Work
by Brian Konradt

8 Ways to Simplify Your Writing Life
by Kyle Looby

10 Dumb Things Writers Do To Get More Rejections
by Emily Bridges

10 Useful Web Sites For Writers
by Sharon Wren

A Capital Idea, My Dear!
by Karen J. Gordon

A Freelance Writer's Second Job: Project Coordinator
by Brian Konradt

A To Z Hint List For Writers
by Gay Ingram

A Writer's Dream: The Home Office
by Linda S. Dupie

A Writer's Place
by Devorah Stone

Add One More
by David Geer

Afraid of the Magic
by Andrea Mack

Award Winning Writers Are Losers Under the Tax Laws
by Julian Block

Basic Self Editing 101
by Gay Ingram

Bearing Fruit
by Jane Seaman

Best of Luck Placing This Elsewhere
by Nadia Ali

Beyond the Basics: Ideas, Observation, and Research
by Linda S. Dupie

Blog, Sweet Blog
by Mary Dixon Lebeau

Breaking Writer's Block
by Lisa Hood

Can You Make Money At This Job?
by Shirley Jump

Capturing the Spark
by Andrea L. Mack

Christmas Fitness
by Jason Meuschke

Chutzpah: Cracking the Glossies
by C.S. Paquin

Computer Clutter: Spring Cleaning Goes Digital
by Brenda Stokes

Confessions of an Obsessed Writer
by Chuck Bednar

Crafting Quality Queries: The Mechanics of Writing a Letter that Sells
by Kristen Stewart

Creating a Specialty
by Brian Konradt

Cutting Out Corners
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Decide What To Write, When
by Karen Millard

Determining Your Going & True Rates
by Brian Konradt

Developing a Writer's Discipline: Using Contests
by Linda S. Dupie

Does Less Skill Equal Less Pay?
by Brian Konradt

Does Your Writing Space Matter?
by Christine Collier

Don't Disgrace Yourself by Lowering Rates
by Brian Konradt

Drawing From Your Own Experiences
by Marion Tickner

Earn $5,000 per Month in Residual Income from Market Intelligence Reports
by Jennie S. Bev

Easy As 1,2,3: Writing the Standard Checklist Article
by Carolyn Burch

Editing Secrets
by Laura Backes

E-book Publishing Checklist
by Milana Leshinsky

Everything I Needed To Know About Rejection, I Learned in High School
by Carol Sjostrom Miller

Expanding Your Dream
by Kelley Hunsicker

Feng Shui for Writers
by Lisa Logan

Fiction or Nonfiction, Try Switching Them
by Christine Collier

Five-Minute Market Analysis
by Mandy Borgmeier

Five Easy Ways to Become a Confident Writer
by Angela Booth

Five Questions Every Writer Should Ask
by Natalie Joanne Hale

Five Ways to Think Like A Child
by Andrea Mack

Forgiving and Forgetting
by Julian Block

Freelance Rates: What Do I Charge?
by Brian Konradt

Frequently Asked Questions About Freelance Writing
by Marcia Yudkin

From Poems to Bylines
by Christine Collier

From Poster to Writer
by Meredith Warshaw

Fun and Games in the Year 2002: Writing for the Gaming Industry
by Melissa Brewer

Getting Personal: Eight Paying Markets For Your Personal Essays
by Erika Dreifus

Getting the Most out of Writers' Conferences
by Claudia Tynes

Gifts for Your Career: 10 Things Writers Can Give Themselves for a Prosperous 2002
by Melissa Brewer

Give Your Manuscript a Boost!
by Christine Collier

Glossary of Writing Terms
by Devy Stone

Going Along for the Ride
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Good Writing: Switch from Passive Voice to Active Voice for More Power in Your Writing
by Jose M. Blanco

Have You Tried A Writer's Chat Room?
by Christine Collier

Healthy Writing
by Nadia Ali

How Do You Measure Your Success?
by John Prophet

How Do I Specialize?
by Brian Konradt

How Fear Impacts Your Writing
by Tina L. Miller

How I Landed, Juggled and Completed a Baker's Dozen of Projects and How You Can Too!
by David Geer

How Long To Keep Financial Records
by Julian Block

How to Find Foreign Writing Markets
by Gary McLaren

How To Make All Your Friends Hate You
by Sharon Wren

How To Market Your Unsold Books On the Internet: It's Easy!
by Judy Cullins

How to Protect Yourself from Being Fleeced from Deadbeat Clients
by Brian Konradt

How to Utilize Galleys for Best Results
by Christopher Willitts

How to Write An E-book, One Article at a Time
by John Colanzi

How To Write What You Don't Know
by Shelley Divnich Haggert

Hungry for Nonfiction? Try this Recipe!
by Marilyn Freeman

I Love Being a Writer—Except for the Writing
by Mark Miller

Ideas for the Taking
by Cheryl Wright

If You Get Frustrated...Make it Profitable
by Brian Konradt

In a Quandary About Your Query?
by Kimberly Ripley

In the Meantime...Paying the Bills
by Carolyn Burch

Launching a Commercial Copywriting Business: Your Steps to Full-Time Commercial Freelance Writing Success
by Brian Konradt

Local Pages Good News For Writers, And For Web Writing, Too
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Making Money as a Corporate Freelancer
by Shirley Kawa-Jump

Market Research: Finding Homes For Your Work
by Erika Dreifus

Medical Insurance Deductions for Self-Employed Individuals
by Julian Block

Mission Impossible: The Real Work of Writing, Finding Your True Motives
by Carolyn Burch

Online Fiction: Eight Paying Markets on the Internet
by Erika Dreifus

Only A Writer Understands A Writer
by Marilyn Freeman

Organization: How Do You Do It?
by C. Hope Clark

Organization for the Creative Writer
by Sheri Waldrop

Organize Your PC and Increase Productivity
by Mike Levy

Perhaps Never Before Has So Much Been Written So Badly
by Mark Landsbaum

by Meredith Warshaw

Plotting: The Whole Body Method
by Susan Sundwall

Posting Your Work on the Internet: Watch Your Rights
by Nicole Bishop

Pregnancy Block
by Rachel Gurevich

Print on Demand
by Christine Collier

Professionalism and Persistence Pay Off
by Guy Belleranti

Profit VS Pleasure: IRS Rules Strict on Losses
by Julian Block

Projecting Confidence When You're Terrified
by Shirley Kawa-Jump

Rates: What Do Beginner's Charge?
by Brian Konradt

Real Mice Poop on the Counters
by Susan Sundwall

Realize Your Book Dream In 2002!
by Judy Cullins

Reprint Mania: How to Generate Sales, Clips and Contacts from Regional Parenting Publications
by Jill Miller Zimon

Research on the Web-Finding the right sources and the right tools
by Nicole Bishop

Restoring Faith in Your Freelance Writing Business
by Melissa Brewer

Secret Writer's Business
by Cheryl Wright

Serendipity or Coincidence: An Author's Bane or Blessings
by John M. Prophet

Setting Rates: Does More Work Mean More Money?
by Brian Konradt

Seven Secrets of Highly Creative Writers
by Steven Barnes

Shaping Your Image as Today's Hot Trend Writer
by Brian Konradt

Short Articles for Fun and Profit
by Behlor Santi

Sit Back, Relax and Learn!
by Heidi Hoff

Society Book Awards: Members Only?
by Bernadette Geyer

Some Frank Facets of Flash Fiction
by Kimberly Ripley

Specializing: Becoming Today's Hot Trend Writer
by Brian Konradt

Speculative Fiction
by Heather Long

Starting Local
by Terri Mrosko

Subject Matters
by Jane Seaman

Subjects for Every Season
by Shaunna Privratsky

Surviving a Rejection Tsunami
by Roy A. Barnes

Targeting the Market
by Patrick Riley

Teach Yourself How To Write
by Shirley Kawa-Jump

Ten Tips To Get Started Writing Your Book
by Judy Cullins

The Art of Being Rejected
by Sharon Horton

The Benefits of Writers' Groups
by Chitra Soundar

The Organized Writer
by Misti Sandefur

The Literary Food Chain
by Sharon Horton

The Query Letter: A How-To For Emerging Writers
by Julie Broski

The Three C's: Confidence, Courage and Clips
by Karen J. Gordon

The Thrill of the Chase
by Donna Black-Ballamie (aka Lisamarie Sanders)

The Write Space
by Carol Sjostrom Miller

The Write Space: Setting up Your Work Space for Optimum Efficiency--A 12 Step Program For Clutter-aholics
by Carolyn Burch

The Write Time
by Jane Seaman

The Yin and Yang of Craft Fairs
by John Prophet

Theme Lists: A Publisher's Gift to Writers
by Marilyn Freeman

There's Goals in Them Hills!
by Kathryn Lay

Time Management for the Drowning Writer
by Mandy Borgmeier

Tips for Web Site Copywriting
by Brian Konradt

Top Ten Tips for Increasing Your Writing Success
by Christine Cristiano

Travel Writing: Be Prepared
by Roy A. Barnes

Travel Writing: From a Bloggin' Byline to a Payin' Byline
by Roy A. Barnes

Travel Writing: Navigating the Murkiness of Writers' Guidelines
by Roy A. Barnes

Turn Your Writing Lemons Into Lemonade
by Christine Collier

Turning Writer's Blocks Into Stepping Stones
by Steven Barnes

Turning Your Speech Into A Book
by Alyice Edrich

Twelve Tales of Woe from a Busy (and Grumpy) Editor
by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Understanding Editorial Guidelines
by Bonnie Jo Davis

Using the "Free Business Newsletter" to Secure Clients
by Brian Konradt

Using the Internet to Increase Sales
by L. Jans

Using the Internet to Write From Home
by Dana Mitchells

Utilizing Your Office Space
by Catherine L. Tully and J. Wallace

Wannabe Writer? Yes! Computer Whiz? Not!
by Marilyn Freeman

Warning: They're Out There
by Susan Younan Attiyah

What a Writer Really Needs to Write
by Sharon Wren

What Happens When You're Gone?
by C. Hope Clark

What's the Story?
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Where Doe the Time Go?
by Jane Seaman

Winning Formula
by Cheryl Wright

Word Power
by Peggy Duffy

Working with Cause and Effect
by Laura Backes

Write What You Know (And What You Want to Know!)
by Heidi Hoff

Write Your Publishable Article Fast--With an Angle
by Judy Cullins

Writer Wanted
by Kristin Espinasse

Write Your Way To Regular Work
by Cheryl Wright

Writers, Go Home!
by Shirley G. Webb

Writer's Fatigue
by Radika Meganathan

Writers on the Move
by Linda S. Dupie

Writer's Mind
by Lisamarie Sanders

Writing About T-Rex and Other True Stories
by Devorah Stone

Writing and Selling News Items
by David Geer

Writing: Business or Art, My Struggle to Decide
By Tina L. Miller

Writing Contests: Legitimate or Scams
by Kimberly Ripley

Writing Exercises? Just Ducky
by Janis Butler Holm

Writing For Corporate Clients
by Tina L. Miller

Writing For the Web: Be Creative with Useful and Unique Content
by Angela Booth

Writing for the Web: Some Pointers and Resources
by Nicole Bishop

Writing Is a Business, Really
by Dana Davis

Writing Powerful Endings
by Laura Backes

Writing What You Don't Know
by Kathryn Lay

Yikes! What Do I Do Now?: Organizing the Pieces of Your Nonfiction Puzzle
by Pamela Kessler

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