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Healthy Writing
by Nadia Ali

How many times have you sat poised at your computer and are about to start writing when you suddenly get the aroma of coffee in the air or your neighbor starts whipping up a dish that somehow finds itself beckoning your stomach to eat. It happens to me quite often. I feel the need to eat while I type and nine times out of ten itís a snack that is chocolate coated Ė yummy my favorite!

But constantly eating the wrong things can eventually lead to your down fall, yes thatís right what you eat can make you feel lethargic, forgetful and even irritable. So it is up to you to look after your health while you write.

My favorite drink to have while I write is mostly tea, then coffee, especially as I am a morning writer. I experiment from time with the herbal teas and enjoy the odd frothy coffees. I do not like to drink soda, so staying away from that is not a problem for me. If you tend to drink a lot of soda, your sugar intake can be quite high and as you are just sitting for hours at your desk without much muscular activity you should really try switching to 100% juices be it in the can, packet or even freshly squeezed. And if all else fails there is always good ole water.

Feel Fruity
Fruit is a great alternative to eating junk food while you write. Not having any in the house is no excuse, so get out to the supermarket and buy some. There are wonderful juicy fruits to choose from, all great for your health.

Snack Attack
I can hear your taste buds calling for something crunchy to eat - anything really from savory to a sugar treat. How about that extra large family size of flavored chips you bought on the weekend? Think again. Try some peanuts, oatmeal, granola bars, or pretzels. Even vegetable sticks such as celery, carrots, cucumber wedges, which you can have ready to eat in the fridge before you sit down to write - ready for that next snack attack.

Fast Food
How many times have you chewed on rubbery, semi-cold pizza or put greasy oil over your keyboard from the plate of fries you have sitting on the desk? The answer for me is never. Ordering fast food while I write at home is something I have never doneÖyet!

But if you find that your hunger cannot wait, at least order some healthy food. Try a lean roast beef sandwich or grilled chicken sandwich. Bear in mind that you should try to keep portions to regular or small, as you donít want to be a sluggish writer.

Pig Out
We are all familiar with the scenario. There you sit happily typing up your next masterpiece when your computer signals that new mail has arrived. Rushing in an instant to see who wants you to sign on the dotted line, waving a huge check beyond your wildest dreams you find that it is a rejection letter. Suddenly your hopes are squashed and you hit "shut down " on your computer heading straight for the kitchen to pig out.

After all whatís more reassuring than that gallon of double chocolate ice-cream just waiting for you when you need it the most? Try yogurt based ice creams or fat free alternatives to ice cream. I know, even I am cringing at telling you to do this after you have received a rejection letter. Ok, at least eat smaller portions!

Now that you know how to eat healthy while you pursue your lifeís dream as a writer - get cracking! You have kept your body happy, your mind happy and now itís your turn to keep your editor happy.

Good luck.

Nadia Ali ( nadia@freelance-worker.com) is a freelance writer who works from the comfort of her home. As a mother of two, she tries to balance the schedules of her children and writing deadlines. She has found her niche in travel and greeting cards. Credits include High Cotton, Kalan LP Greetings, an interview with writing-world.com, Kinetic Travel & Island Mania.









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