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Writer Wanted
by Kristin Espinasse

Frustrated by unfinished or unpolished articles, I recently came up with an idea that has revolutionized both the quality and marketing of my writing. To motivate myself to write my daily article, I decided to compose a description of my job. What would I find if searching the Want Ads for my job description?

Writer Wanted
"This Is Your Dream Writing Job" has an opening for a freelance writer. TIYDWJ is a privately owned corporation specializing in writing articles that inform, humor and enlighten individuals.

Hours: 9-6 p.m., Monday-Friday (weekends optional).

Key qualifications: The ideal candidate will have a degree in Thoughtfulness and Inquiry, plus a lifetime desire to be a writer. Advanced understanding of the psychology of writer's block and the ability to turn off the internal editor a must.

Job description: You are responsible for one 500-word rough draft each morning. After the free write (also known as brain spill), there is a brief spell check followed by the first coffee break of the morning. We ask that you respect our policy of not checking e-mail prior to this break time. We prefer writers think of this as a "reward" after completing the free write project.

Our company encourages numerous coffee breaks. This is a necessary part of the job - offering time to reflect about article structure, word choice, and appropriate illustrations for the article in construction. 

Washing machines are available and employees often throw in a load during break time or sort and fold previous loads. Other popular break activities include: stretching, pacing, making a quick phone call and feeding Ed, the cat, (short for "Edit").

After each break you are responsible for your 1st revision and rewrite of the brain spill. Our company revises manuscripts casually with the philosophy that creation comes best without undue stress or time-pressure. We prefer the creation of only one new manuscript per day. We tolerate opening other manuscripts in the "needs review" file, only after the morning's new assignment is completed.

At noon we break for lunch, however many of our writers are so caught up in their stories by this time that they voluntarily skip lunch, or grab a bite on the run, which they eat at their computer station. We do encourage the lunch break, as it gives writers the necessary time to digest their meal; and then they can return to the day's article with a fresh outlook.

From 2-5 p.m. we continue to polish the draft which may grow to between 800-1000 words, with added research, illustrations, and quotes, by the end of the working day. There are of course two or three more "coffee" breaks per hour. At 5 o'clock polished drafts are "due."

Query letters on the completed articles are expected to be submitted, by the end of the week, to at least the top five potential markets. 

Finally, the last duty of the day is to check your e-mail for bites, green lights, and assignments generated by your previous submissions. This is another reward of a job well done - with repeated success, many of our writer's eagerly look forward to continued sales, info about article publication dates, and reprint requests.

In general, and after sending out five new article queries a week, by the end of the first month you should generate as many "go-aheads" as you can keep up with. However, we go easy on ourselves, expecting one purchase per 50 pitches.

Pay: The beginning salary average is 10-20 dollars a day (based on year end calculation of sales and bonuses). Keep in mind that as you progress and improve your marketing skills, this number will double, triple, etc...  And remember --- you always keep the copyright, so your income will increase rapidly with the more reprints you have to sell.

Our freelancers enjoy a carefree work environment and a casual dress policy, most work in pajamas, bathrobes, sweats, or jeans and sweatshirts.

This is a perfect entry-level opportunity. We look forward to finally hearing from you. If you are interested in this position you can e-mail me at thisisyourdreamjobandyouknowit@

......Well I got the job (hired myself). Since working for TIYDWJ, I practically sprint out of bed in the morning. Writing has never been more fun, more efficient and more profitable. I hear the company is hiring if you're interested.

Kristin Espinasse, an American writer (from Phoenix, Arizona), lives permanently in the 12th century medieval village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens in the South of France.  Her French husband has a worldwide reputation as an expert on all aspects of French wine.  Apart from tending two small children, Kristin's life is entirely devoted to creative writing and nonfiction.










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