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Writing With Children

How do you manage your writing career, children and household responsibilities? Please
e-mail kim@writefromhome.com  your tips and suggestions and I'll post them here.


Quick Tips

1. Keep a notebook and book in your car to read or write when waiting for the kids' school bus.
2. Naptime gives me at least 1-2 hours of time to read trade magazines or write, or do homework.
3. Always have some laundry going.
4. Fold laundry when printing something off the computer.
I hope these help other parents who need to find time to write or research.

  • Create more time to write by using a crock pot or slow cooker for your evening meal. Get some tasty slow cooker recipes here.

  • While your child does his homework sit with him and do your home work (writing). 

  • Work while watching your children play. When you take your child to the park or outdoors make good use of this time. This is a great opportunity to do work that doesn't require your undivided attention. Make your to-do lists, update your business/marketing plan or outline articles. 

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"Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely."--Thomas P. Murphy