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Not Enough Time to Run Your Business? Tips For Creating Time!
by Betty Ann Wilkins

Time is a valuable commodity in today's fast paced world. There just isn't enough of it and all of us seem to need more of it. If someone could find a way of giving us all the time we need in our busy lives, that person would surely become the richest person in the world.

There are many ways to maximize the use of your time which will optimize the way you use the limited time you have each and every day.

Running a business can be very overwhelming at times, especially if you are running your business via the Internet. Each & every time you turn on your computer you are bombarded with new ideas, untapped markets, new information to keep you up-to-date on advertising and promotion, not to mention tons of e-mail to either answer or trash. How do you focus with all of the distractions?

Here you will find a few tried, tested and proven ways to help you optimize your time and remain focused:

Make a list of Long term and Short term Goals (keep it within easy reach at all times). Keep a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish and number them by importance of what needs to be done first. You will want to classify your tasks as either long term or short term -- this will help you to keep in perspective what must be done now and what can wait.

Keep it Simple 
Break all big tasks down into a series of smaller tasks that when combined will complete the big task.  Smaller tasks are much easier to accomplish and you are less likely to put it off because of the length of time it will take you.

Have a list of tasks by your side. Tackle one task at a time. Each time you complete a task cross it off of your list. Always complete one task at a time. Do not jump around doing just a small amount of each task.  Being able to cross a completed task off of your list will give you a great sense of accomplishment as well as reinforce your motivation to do more.

Set Deadlines 
Without setting deadlines to each of your tasks you can easily put it off until tomorrow --- in my experience tomorrow never seems to come because too many other tasks get in the way.

Be realistic when setting your deadlines for each task or project you have. Keep in mind that things never get done as quickly as we imagine and that anything that can go wrong probably will --- so always add a little extra time into each of your deadlines to allow you the extra time you may need. This strategy helps you to make sure that you get everything done on time and can also be a great way to reinforce your motivation and sense of accomplishment since you will complete many tasks before the deadline you set.

Keep Perspective 
Most marketers work a full time job, have a family, and social commitments along with their own online business. You play a different role in each one of these activities. Do not sacrifice one area of your life for another. You need to balance all the things that you do. Keep each area of your life separate to prevent neglecting one area for another.

What I am trying to say is that you Do Not want to become a workaholic. It just doesn't work well --- there will be no balance to your life. The old adage, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is very true. You will be much more creative and productive if you create a balance between your family life, job and online business.

Use a calendar to list all your commitments. When you can see all of your tasks listed in a chronological order with a starting point and ending point it can help you to remain focused and motivated so that you will actually complete the task and feel accomplishment.

Stay Focused 
Keep your attention on the one task or project you are working on right now. Do not get sidetracked by other tasks you need to do or by things that you find along the way.

Pay close attention to the things that seem to cause you to stray away from the task you are working on --- are you tempted to check your e-mail? Or maybe the site you had to visit has some interesting links you would like to check out? --- Do NOT do it now.

Close your e-mail program so you are not tempted to check the mail, bookmark this site, send yourself an e-mail about the site, open notepad and create a text file of interesting sites you want to visit again at a later time.

Don't try to do two things at once.  You cannot watch TV and complete a presentation for your new prospects, write a sales letter, answer e-mail or write an article at the same time. Do one thing or the other.  Trying to do both will waste time and most likely cause you to not do the best you could have.

You will stay more focused if you limit distractions and temptations by taking them out of your way and view.

Learn to say, "No" 
Yes, the most difficult word in the world for many of us. You need to be able to say it because there will be times when others will want some of your time when you need to be working at your business.

Saying No should not make you feel guilty or bad. If it does then you need to take a long hard look at your priorities. If your business is your priority then make it a fact in your heart and mind --- then you should not be plagued by the guilties when you must say no.

Create and USE lists for all of your goals and tasks and you will find that you are not lacking as much time as you had originally thought. Leave nothing to chance by thinking that you will remember to do it. I know from first hand experience that with all the distractions of e-mail and the Internet You Will Forget. Please do not allow yourself to fall into that trap.

Betty Ann Wilkins, Publisher/Webmaster
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